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CNC Cutting and Custom Plastic Manufacturing

At Walsh Plastics we use industry-leading CNC equipment–3.5 and 7-axis routers. We can fabricate up to 5’X10’ shapes that can be milled. Whether you’re looking for simple 3-axis 2D cut parts to massive 3D objects, Walsh Plastics will deliver.


CNC Cutting Specifications

Our CNC cutting capabilities include:

  • 7-axis Large Format Robotic CNC Milling and Trimmings
  • 5’ x 8’ 3-Axis CNC Cutting (Sharp Cutting/Routers for Wood, Foam and Plastics)
  • CNC-Cut Moulds and Patterns for Vacuum Forming

In addition to Western Canada, we also provide all our services and products to the following markets:

Washington, USA  •  Oregon, USA  •  Saskatchewan, Canada  •  Manitoba, Canada  •  Ontario, Canada  •  Quebec, Canada

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