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CNC Cutting and Custom Plastic Manufacturing

At Walsh Plastics we use industry-leading CNC cutting technology. With our 7-axis CNC milling robot, we can mill any shape in plastic, wood and even aluminum. This Extra High Accuracy model will hold aerospace accuracy for your most quality controlled components. Whether you’re looking for a simple 3-axis cut plastic component to a 9-foot tall 3D CNC milled project, Walsh Plastics will deliver.


CNC Cutting Specifications

Our CNC cutting capabilities include:

  • 7-axis Large Format Robotic CNC Milling and Trimmings
  • 5’ x 8’ 3-Axis CNC Cutting (Sharp Cutting/Routers for Wood, Foam and Plastics)
  • CNC-Cut Moulds and Patterns for Vacuum Forming

In addition to Western Canada, we also provide all our services and products to the following markets:

Washington, USA  •  Oregon, USA  •  Saskatchewan, Canada  •  Manitoba, Canada  •  Ontario, Canada  •  Quebec, Canada

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