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Western Canada's Premium Custom Plastics Fabrication, Forming, Manufacturing and for Any Specialty Plastic Products You Require

Your unique vision requires specialized custom plastics fabrication. To ensure the highest quality plastic manufacturing, you should ensure that your plastics fabrication company has years of professional experience  forming and fabricating custom plastic products.

Walsh Plastics offers you solutions for all your plastic needs. We are the custom plastics fabrication company producing custom plastic products that are versatile, durable and cost effective for your ROI. Companies throughout Western Canada know to trust us to produce their custom plastic pieces.

Click here to contact us or call us today, toll-free at 1-855-430-2371 for custom plastics Vancouver, custom plastics Calgary and custom plastics Edmonton.

Plastic Fabrication and Forming Products

Count on Walsh Plastics for top-quality:

  • Display Cases
  • Movie Props
  • Ski Gondola Windows
  • Boat Plastics
  • Prototype Units
  • Motorcycle Windshields
  • Concrete Casting Moulds
  • CNC Cutting
  • Plastic Lenses and Light Covers (Custom Acrylic Light Lenses, Domed Ceiling Lights, Custom Lenses)
  • 3form® Varia
  • Trays
  • Domes (Acrylic Domes, Polycarbonate Domes, Lexan Domes, Plexidomes)
  • Custom Mould and Mould Making
  • Ballot Boxes
  • Podiums/ Flexi Podiums
  • Prototype Units
  • Custom Hatches (Custom Boat Hatch, Custom Instrument Panels, Hatch Covers)
  • Kit Car and Motorcycle Replacement Parts (Command Bridge Venturie, Windscreens)
  • Anything Else Imaginable!
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