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Plastic Manufacture: Everything in Forming and Fabrication of Plastics with 7-Axis Robotic Milling and Trimming

Plastics • Acrylics • ABS • Polystyrene • Polycarbonate

With over 40 years of experience , Walsh Plastics can give you the plastic products you desire. We are able to produce a simple cut-and-glued part to a more complex thermoformed part, including vacuum forming, drape forming, blowing, matched moulds, strip bending, and mould making. Our experience allows us to create the product you desire from start to finish.


Our knowledge of materials will help you to choose the right plastic for your application including acrylic, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, and others.

Our plastic manufacturing and fabrication capabilities allow us to produce almost anything imaginable! Call us for top-quality custom plastics forming, fabrication and manufacturing service in Burnaby, Vancouver and anywhere in Western Canada.


In addition to Western Canada, we also provide all our services and products to the following markets:

Washington, USA  •  Oregon, USA  •  Saskatchewan, Canada  •  Manitoba, Canada  •  Ontario, Canada  •  Quebec, Canada

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